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Man of Steel: Phantom Zone - lovedrr
Man of Steel: Phantom Zone
Man of Steel: Phantom Zone

Written by: Lovedrr

Rating: R

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: A script for an Arkham Asylum like game storyline similar to the legendary Knightfall series for the Man of Steel. Superman's most dangerous adversaries have been brought into the Phantom Zone by a mysterious master villain. The Man of Steel will be pushed to his physical, mental and spiritual limits to save not only the lives of those he loves but also the entire universe itself...

Chapter One:
City of War
Summary: The Warlord Mongul brings Warworld to Metropois...

Chapter Two:
Life Song
Summary: The Master Sorceress Circe uses Lady Maxima to seduce The Man of Steel to become the consort of Superwoman, but Wonder Woman claims him as her own...

Chapter Three:
Summary: The Cyborg Superman seeks to rebuild his body with parts from the original...

Chapter Four:
New Heaven New Earth
Summary: Braniac begins to remake the earth in his own image with him as its new god..

Chapter Five:
Son of Man
Summary: General Zod and Faora versus The Man of steel and The Warrior Princess...

Chapter Six:
Summary: The Ultimate Monster Doomsday is unleashed for a final confrontation...

Chapter Seven:
Summary: The mystery of the Phantom Zone is finally revealed as the work of the evil Mxyzptlk...

Chapter Eight:
Summary: The Man of Steel must face his greatest challenge against himself in the final adversary of Ultraman...


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