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Part 2: Practice Makes Perfect

Hours later, as the first rays of glorious morning dawn sunlight were just breaking through on the horizon and filtering in through the windows, Natasha lay warmly cuddled in Steve’s arms.

Even in this peaceful moment, her body was not at all at rest. No matter how hard she tried, she simply couldn’t stop shaking. There was still a slight glistening sheen of sweat all over her body from their last twelve hours of…”practice”…and her wet hair lay sexily over her face.

There were no words in existence…to describe what Steve had just done to her. Try as she might, her exhausted mind just couldn’t put into words what she was feeling in this moment. She felt as if she was still in a state of shock…physically, psychologically…and emotionally.

Nat had come to Steve last night intending to show him the boundless joys of sex, to sate the unresolved sexual tension which had been building between them during the entire Winter Soldier ordeal, and to try to get rid of all the thoughts and dreams she’d been having about him for some time.

She had expected the night to be simple. What had happened between the two of them last night had been anything but simple.

Steve had worshiped her body. There didn’t really seem to be any other description for it. He had shown her passion and pleasured her with such intensity that she swore she almost passed out a few times. At times when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he would slow down, allow her to recover some semblance of herself, and then drive her to new heights. Natasha had never ever known or felt such caring, such passion and such…love.

He never stopped kissing her.

Steve made Natasha feel as if she were the most precious gift in the world. Given her past, she had never expected that anyone could ever make her feel this way. He had read her file and he knew about all of the red in her ledger, and yet, he touched her as if he adored her, he held her as if he treasured her, and he kissed her as if he…loved her.

She could barely comprehend what he had done. She could barely comprehend what his actions might say about how he felt about her. She could barely comprehend the way that…he was making her feel about him.

Oh yes, Nat had given almost as good as she’d gotten, taking advantage of his obvious inexperience to drive him to great heights of pleasure as well, but the gift he had given to her spirit was beyond measure. It felt almost as if his caring for her was breathing life back into her soul.

Now, as Natasha lay with both her hands on Steve’s broad chest, with his large hands holding her close against him, feeling the warmth and intimacy of him still inside her, she felt him stir underneath her.

Steve loved holding Natasha close like this. In its own way, this time of tender touching was just as good, just as intimate, as the night of passionate lovemaking they had just shared. Being with Nat like this had been better than anything he’d ever dreamed.

He could tell that she hadn’t been loved or cared for like this before. He could feel it in the way that she sometimes tried to draw away from him, but then was overcome by her loss of control when she gave in to her feelings for him. On some level, she needed him as much as he needed her.

He had asked her for friendship. Friendship was the first step to love. Steve had always known that there could be something deeper between the two of them, but he wasn’t sure if it would ever materialize. That is, until he had found her standing inside his apartment last night.

From the moment they first touched, they had moved with a synchronicity that felt like perfect unison. He pulled, she pushed. He lifted, she lowered. He twisted, she turned.

It had almost felt as if they had been dancing.

The lonely flatfoot wanted to dance with the beautiful ballerina…over and over and over again.

Steve raised his right hand from her hip and tenderly began to smooth her hair out of her eyes, staring up at her with a gentle smile.

“I have a question for you, but you don’t have to answer it,” he whispered. “Although, if you don’t answer it, that’s kind of like answering it.”

Natasha smiled brightly, hearing him repeat her own words to her from their conversation in the car. The sound and bass of his voice rumbling through her chest was warm and comforting, and she felt the trembling of her body finally starting to ease away, her nerves just now beginning to come down from her last mindblowing climax.

“What?” she whispered back, mimicking his words to her from earlier.
“Was that the first time that anyone had made love to you your whole life?” he asked with a boyish charm.

“That bad, hunh?” Nat whispered back with a growing smile.

“I didn’t say that,” Steve smiled. “I was just wondering how much practice you had.”

Nat giggled, a girlish sound that she’d never heard herself make before. Then, she gave a coy smile and her eyes darkened seductively. She leaned in closer to Steve’s lips.

“You know, you didn’t understand where I was trying to go with that conversation when I started it,” she whispered.

“Oh really?” he replied as his eyes glinted.

“Yeah,” she answered. “You didn’t notice the way I smiled at you when I mentioned practice. I was trying to get you to say that you wanted to practice, and then I was going to offer to help you with all the practice you need.”

“Everybody needs practice,” Steve whispered as he pulled her down to him for a deep, sensual kiss.

And they practiced again…and again…and again…

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Title: Practice
Author: Lovedrr
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanova
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A short love scene set after the events of The Winter Soldier. Warning: Minor Spoilers

1100 hours
Apartment of Steve Rogers

“The Captain” Steven Grant Rogers had just laid his head down to rest after a long day and his extensive evening workout. Inwardly, his mind was still reeling from his confrontation with the Winter Soldier, the revelation of the truth about SHIELD, and…Natasha.

It was a lot to digest, and he was still trying to take it all in.

He often found his troubled thoughts drifting to her time and time again…remembering their conversation in the car…thinking that perhaps he should have asked for more than a friend…

The sudden sound of his door moving startled Steve out of his reverie. With his lightning fast reflexes, he was on his feet and at the door in a split second to find himself face to face with…Natasha.

“Everybody needs practice,” she whispered as she stepped forward, grabbed the side of his cheek and pulled him down to kiss her passionately.

They…practiced…for a very long long long time…

The Beginning…

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Title: Love is a Battlefield
Author: Lovedrr
Rating: NC17
Summary: When Steve finds himself under extreme...duress...from an overdose of testoterone from the super soldier serum, Natasha rushes to his aid. After an entire night of soul-searching marathon lovemaking, the two of them fall truly, madly, deeply in love. However, neither of them realizes the true depth of their new feelings for one another...

Searching for a beta for this fic ! Please respond !

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Title: Trust and Believe
Author: Lovedrr
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: A lover’s thought of what could be happening in the kiss scene…

Central Mall

The mall was sparsely crowded, but there was enough of a crowd to allow the two of them to travel in relative anonymity.

The Captain Steve Rogers and the Black Widow Natasha Romanov stealthily made their way through the mall to step onto the escalator, dressed in common clothes to conceal their identities in an attempt avoid the repeated assassination attempts they had recently endured. Natasha felt as if everyone was out to kill them, and Steve certainly had to admit that it seemed that way.

Their current plan was to part ways from here on out, in an effort to split and gather more information on this hidden conspiracy surrounding the mysterious Winter Soldier.

Steve was tense. He had a question that he had to ask Natasha before they parted, and the very future of their relationship depended upon her answer.

“Natasha,” he called softly.

She turned around quickly as she immediately took notice of the intensity in his voice. After working alongside him for the past two years, she now had an implicit knowledge of his voice. There was something wrong, and it was serious. Natasha stared up into Steve’s eyes as the escalator carried them downward toward the lower level of the mall.

“If…If you do have knowledge of this Winter Soldier, and you both come from a similar background, how do you know which side you’ll be standing on when it goes down between the two of us?” Steve asked gravely.

Natasha was stunned. After all they had been through together, she felt that he should very well know the answer to that question. Still, being honest with herself, she knew that he had every right to ask it. She had kept things from him for her missions, and she had not been completely honest with him. Her life as a spy had always taught her that secrecy was imperative, but she suddenly wanted…needed…things to be different between she and Steve. This man…This man had changed something deep within her, and even she wasn’t yet certain of all of the ramifications of this change.

Still, she knew the answer that he needed to hear. No, not hear. Feel…

Moving very slowly, Natasha placed her left hand on the escalator and raised her right hand up and placed it on the right side of his neck, her fingers gently stroking his warm cheek. She carefully leaned forward, tilting her head to the left to avoid the brim of his hat. The first touch of their lips was soft and tender, uncertain, sending a gentle warmth flowing through each of them. The heat was comfortable at first, unassuming, surprising to both of them with how quickly it became more intense. Nearly overcome by the feel of Natasha, Steve reached his left hand down to tenderly hold her waist, a vain attempt to maintain some measure of control over these sensations overwhelming them.

Natasha felt Steve’s hand on her side, and she took his simple gesture as encouragement. Before she realized what she was doing, Natasha followed her inner feelings, and she leaned forward more to press her body against his own. Both of them longed to feel more of this intense heat growing between them, and any distance between them suddenly seemed to be too far. Natasha used her right hand to pull Steve closer to her, and she leaned her head up to kiss him more deeply. The hood of her jacked slipped down, revealing her crimson hair, yet neither of them seemed to notice. Lost in this feeling, Steve turned with her, leaning down into her. Their lips opened for one another just slightly, tenderly, almost fearful as if too much more sensation may completely overwhelm them and bond them together for the rest of their lives.

After a long moment which seemed to have lasted forever, Natasha drew back from Steve. They were both slightly breathless as they stared into each other’s eyes, searching for the meaning and understanding they needed from each other. Steve had his answer.

Then, Natasha turned back around and stepped off the escalator. She continued walking on her way quickly, returning to their mission with a new reason to fight and live. Steve looked on, vaguely realizing that he may have a new reason to move forward in his life.

He remembered Peggy’s words: “The world is changed, and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best" ...

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Any fans of the couple Captain America Steve Rogers and Black Widow Natasha Romanov available for beta reading and sharing stories?

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Superman Wonder Woman Fanfiction Storylines

Body Soul Spirit

Summary: When the Master Villianess Circe uses a spell to try to force Kal to harm those he cares for, can Diana's love stop him before it is too late?


Summary: When The Grid captures Cyborg, Vixen, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Catwoman in order to conduct a brutal experiment of intense human emotion, will any of them survive?

Into The Night

Summary: When a curse on Diana causes her to try to destroy Kal's personal life, can their love for one another bring her back to him?

Isle of War

Summary: When the Master Villianess Circe binds The Man of Steel to her and uses him to begin a takeover of Themyscira, the Amazon Princess must give everything to stop him.

Please send a message if anyone would like to read these stories...

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Man of Steel: Phantom Zone

Written by: Lovedrr

Rating: R

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: A script for an Arkham Asylum like game storyline similar to the legendary Knightfall series for the Man of Steel. Superman's most dangerous adversaries have been brought into the Phantom Zone by a mysterious master villain. The Man of Steel will be pushed to his physical, mental and spiritual limits to save not only the lives of those he loves but also the entire universe itself...

Chapter One:
City of War
Summary: The Warlord Mongul brings Warworld to Metropois...

Chapter Two:
Life Song
Summary: The Master Sorceress Circe uses Lady Maxima to seduce The Man of Steel to become the consort of Superwoman, but Wonder Woman claims him as her own...

Chapter Three:
Summary: The Cyborg Superman seeks to rebuild his body with parts from the original...

Chapter Four:
New Heaven New Earth
Summary: Braniac begins to remake the earth in his own image with him as its new god..

Chapter Five:
Son of Man
Summary: General Zod and Faora versus The Man of steel and The Warrior Princess...

Chapter Six:
Summary: The Ultimate Monster Doomsday is unleashed for a final confrontation...

Chapter Seven:
Summary: The mystery of the Phantom Zone is finally revealed as the work of the evil Mxyzptlk...

Chapter Eight:
Summary: The Man of Steel must face his greatest challenge against himself in the final adversary of Ultraman...


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Superman / Wonder Woman series !!!

Release date: October 2013

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Title: Knight Romance
Author: Lovedrr
Rating: R
Summary: A chronicle of the events between Young Romance and Catwoman #1 ...

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